Writing The Conclusion Of A Dissertation: A Brief Tutorial

Having a strong conclusion in you dissertation is as important as creating a solid introduction in your academic document. The conclusion is a highly important section provided that in these paragraphs you expose your understanding of the project, the objectives, etc. Moreover, you will need to summarize your achievements in this part, too. Therefore, this section needs to be elaborated and refined in order to fulfill these criteria. In this post, we provide you a short tutorial about how to work on this ending section.

  • Create an initial draft. From a personal approach, I prefer to outline every section in a few lines. When I create a draft, I include every section I find necessary in the document. Next, I also write a few lines describing what I wish to develop in every section. As you advance in the writing process, you can change your mind and, thus, modify these guidelines in order to adapt the overall approach to your current needs or perspective. Being realistic, you can't be sure about what you will learn during the research for this project but you may have a basic idea on how this section should look. Then, take some minutes to create a draft for the conclusion.

  • Modify the section as you progress in the creation process. Every time you think you have mastered a part of the project deep enough to add a line in the conclusion, you should do so. Another option is to keep a sort of log which you can update from time to time as you work on the project objectives. Once you are done with the dissertation, you can use these collections of ideas and “short conclusions” to create the whole section in a coherent way.

  • Once you complete the dissertation, refine the conclusion. By this time, you should have a complete draft for the conclusion which needs some work. Use your current expertise in the field of study to rephrase in a more accurate form the content. Is something too vague in those lines? Then, get rid of those words and replace that part with more a precise statement. Dazzle them with witty commentaries.

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