Top 20 Creative Thesis Paper Topics On The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. This novel covers many important topics, including the American dream. This makes The Great Gatsby a good subject to write about in your thesis paper. However, you should focus on a few particular ideas in order to make your work unique and original. In this article, you can find a list of good topics for a paper on The Great Gatsby.

  1. The illustration of the death of the American dream in the novel.
  2. The characteristics of modernism in The Great Gatsby.
  3. Jay Gatsby: can we consider him a romantic hero of the modern era or not?
  4. The demonstration of the corrupting influence of wealth on people in the novel.
  5. The satirical description of modern society through the parties held by Gatsby.
  6. The homes of characters of the novel as reflections of their personalities.
  7. The most admirable and despicable characters of The Great Gatsby.
  8. Comparison and analysis of the main female characters of the novel.
  9. The role of clothing for the characters and the changing of costumes.
  10. Explaining a particular passage in the light of the entire novel.
  11. The use of symbolism in The Great Gatsby.
  12. The development of the narrator, Nick Carraway, throughout the novel.
  13. The changing of an aspect of 1920s society throughout the novel.
  14. The feelings of Gatsby to Daisy: is it love, affection, or something else?
  15. Jay Gatsby as a Platonic conception of Jimmy Gatz.
  16. Why The Great Gatsby is considered to be the true American novel?
  17. The morally ambiguous characters of the novel.
  18. The corruption of the American dream caused by the desire to become rich.
  19. Deceptive appearances and the American identity in The Great Gatsby.
  20. The Great Gatsby: the novel or the movie?

These topics will hopefully help you come up with your own interesting idea that you can use to write a brilliant thesis paper on The Great Gatsby. However, a good topic isn’t always enough to create a decent paper. It goes without saying that you should read the actual novel before writing your work. You should also keep in mind that thorough research and proper outlining play very important roles, too. Moreover, it’s advisable to pay attention when proofreading your thesis paper. If your work contains excessive grammar and spelling mistakes, you’ll get a low score even if your topic and arguments are covered properly. Getting a custom research paper seems to be a great idea to get rid of all those problems.