How To Get Your Undergraduate Dissertation Published In A Peer Reviewed Journal

Writing a dissertation is one matter; getting it noticed is quite another. A wide river flows between the two possibilities and you seriously need to bridge the gap. This is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Here are the steps you should take to get your dissertation published in a peer reviewed journal

  • Do your basics – Follow the structure and abide by one format style consistently through the paper. Make sure that your Methodology is resourceful; references are genuine and potent and conclusion is solution-oriented and somewhat different.
  • Choice of topic – Make sure you pick either a trendy topic and treat it differently or choose a topical theme which is hardly charted for dissertations. Both these roads lead to heaven and all you need is jaunt ahead.
  • Present it with force – When it comes to presenting it, you should utilize all your acumen, power of conviction and smartness. This is when you take your dissertation beyond the periphery; to the attentive listeners. People representing journals often frequent these presentations and even if your dissertation is a smart one, a banal presentation may dilute the effect.
  • Keep a striking rapport with instructors – Remain attentive to what the instructor has to say and make immediate remedial changes where suggested. If you have written a quality paper, it is bound to be appreciated by the powers that be. Also, the instructor often has a direct connection with guys at the journals.
  • Proofread the paper – Proofread the paper twice or thrice so that all elementary and more serious errors are thwarted out. Get others to analyze it objectively; for you may be ignoring certain areas because of inner bias.
  • Submit to relevant journals – Once you have acquired grades for your paper, you may submit the same to the journals, asking their critical team to go through it. If they feel the dissertation will be a value addition to their journal; they will review it sincerely and then may publish it in relevant category.

The growing respect

Once your paper is published in a peer reviewed journal, respect for you grows manifold in an automatic manner. That you have labored for it both extraneously and internally is clearly evident. This is bond to help you in further classes.

Get better

The base is not to sit on your laurels and keep laboring hard for surer fruits. Of course, your next research papers will be followed by a greater number of learned people so try to enthrall them with a better show.