Top 23 Potential Dissertation Topics For Marketing Students

Marketing is a very interesting course but there comes a time when students are expected to exhibit their capabilities – through your dissertation. So, if you have reached that point where you need to work on and submit your academic paper for approval before your doctorate degree can be awarded to you, you should take the first step of choosing a topic before working on your proposal. This is the step that most students find difficult to take but if you have the right resources, it would not be a difficult step for you. Here are some marketing topics you can base your academic paper on. They are as follows:

  • What is the reason why some companies’ loyal cards schemes succeed while others fail?
  • Loyalty schemes – Understanding the motivations behind them
  • Understanding the differences between traditional marketing and relationship marketing
  • An analysis of the impact of product quality on customer loyalty
  • Strategies for convincing loyal customers to switch from one luxury product to another
  • Understanding the change in customer behaviour during online shopping versus offline shopping
  • Improving net sales on online stores – What you should know
  • Strategies on making your customers understand your brand values
  • Understanding the differences between tangible and intangible brand values
  • What keeps the leading brands ahead of its competitors?
  • Transferring brand images between companies – The things you never knew
  • Building brand equity – How corporate social responsibility comes into the picture
  • Vital tips on sustenance of brand through quality innovations
  • An understanding of how the differences in product type influences direct sales
  • Short-term and long-term offers – Which category do customers respond quickly to and why?
  • Toll-free numbers and direct sales promotions – Its impact on customers’ response
  • Relationship between potential customers and telemarketers – The role of accent or nationality
  • The length of marketing messages – What impact does it have on the success of a company’s direct marketing efforts?
  • Direct Marketing – A means of acquiring new customers or a means of fostering customer relationship?
  • Individual orientation and group orientation – Which works best in direct marketing?
  • Prospecting strategies – Understanding the differences in the online and offline world
  • An analysis of the impact of language on brand identity
  • Supermarket chains – Understanding how to overcome the barrier of language differences

These are just a few of the topics that would help you start working on your marketing dissertation. Make sure you choose a topic you are interested in and most importantly, gather information from reliable sources only.