What Makes A Good Dissertation Proposal Outline In History

For some students, writing a goof dissertation proposal outline in history can be a really difficult thing to do. Different universities are searching for the different type of dissertation paper outline. However, the main propose is to give an overview of your whole paper and the research process that you have done. Usually, a great outline should have between 500 and 1,000 words and you should always follow the given format from your university.

If your topic is connected with history and you do not know how to write a great dissertation proposal, then you should follow these several tips and tricks:

  • First of all, the introduction part should have a title and an intro paragraph where you are explaining about the topic and the whole research process.
  • Second, you are presenting the historical problem of your thesis, where you are elaborate more with arguments and facts after the research that you have done on the given topic. Make sure that you will implement enough background information and data, to keep the attention of the reader, but be careful not to make the outline confusing and difficult to follow.
  • Historiographical Context is something that is necessary when you are writing about topic connect with history. In this section, you should include books, that you have used, special issues of journals, article literature, etc. Make sure that all those information are correct and if it’s necessary to do a double check.
  • The approach in your dissertation proposal should focus on why you have made this choice about this certain topic and what are your facts and arguments on the given topic. Put some key text that will give a clear picture of the reader and will prepare him for the next outcome of your history paper.
  • Sources are the part where you are mentioning all literature that you have used and all relevant facts that you have collected during your research about that specific historical topic. Here you should include oral histories, printed and primary archival sources, architecture, film, arts, material culture, etc.
  • Potential outcomes and timeline are also important parts where first you explain what you have expected from this paper and how you have organized yourself to write it. All information are useful and is a good idea to include some charts or maps for better understanding and visualization of all data.

It is not difficult to create a good dissertation proposal. All you have to do is to organize your thoughts, write all facts, arguments, ideas and make it as clear as possible.