A List Of Free Dissertation Topics: Top Ten Suggestions

Consider the following:

  1. A new science of post surgery treatment
  2. After a medical surgery has been performed, patients are required to rest for a period of time. Some are bedridden, or confined to a wheel chair,while others need only to go about their daily lives more carefully. Discuss how the different environment each patient may be placed in during their recovery period can affect their recovery time.

  3. Mitigating the risk of sepsis
  4. Most medical facilities utilize certain utensils on many different patients and their are concerns that this may be unsanitary despite use of regulated sterilization procedures. This study will focus on the benefits vs the risks of these practices.

  5. Natural antibiotic alternatives
  6. Antibiotics have brought major improvements to our health in the last century. However , as a result many super viruses have begun to evolve through exposure to antibiotics. This study will seek to find alternatives methods of treatment in the place of antibiotics.

  7. Pharmaceuticals and the environment
  8. Our bodies do not metabolize all substances completely. This study will attempt to evaluate the possible effects these drugs may have on wildlife in waterways.

  9. Modern Naturopathy
  10. This study attempts to evaluate the effect that naturalized treatments can have on the effectiveness of regulated medical practices.

  11. Food Chemical Safety
  12. Many people are skeptical about just how safe chemicals used in food processing are for human consumption. This study attempts to evaluate which chemicals are considered most controversial and why.

  13. Avoiding Water Crises
  14. Water is necessary for life and is present in abundant quantities in all our oceans. Discuss the problems we face with modern day attempts at desalination and explore possible better alternatives to purify water for human consumption.

  15. The History of Landmasses
  16. The way a an island forms determines the geographical feature that will be present. This study attempts to prove the various ways land masses form based on the observable physical features of each different type of geographical land type.

  17. Man-made evolution
  18. Many organism adapt to their environment to better survive. This study attempts to show how human modification of geographical features, for example roads, affect the survival of indigenous species of any newly developed area.

  19. Manufactured want vs Needs
  20. Marketing is necessary for the success of any business. Various studies have been performed to better catch the attention and desires of the consumer to the point where consumers often buy things they don’t need. Discuss the negative effects these practices may have on the available quality of consumable products presented to the public.