Picking Interesting Dissertation Topics In Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind; however when it comes to picking your own brain for dissertation topics, sometimes it’s hard to know where to being. Below we have come up with some possible research subjects.

  • Research the connection between our thoughts, the environment and the brain using modern technology and methods currently used in neuroscience.
  • Prove or disprove that an increasing reliance on technology is evolutionarily changing the structure of the human mind.
  • Research how sugar addiction can lead to long term behavioral changes and changes in brain structure.
  • Research the ability to survive without any grey matter in our brains.
  • Prove or disprove that behavior is something that is developed with the aid of environmental forces versus something innate.
  • Explore the connection between motivation and physical exercise.
  • Research how the level of depression in people with a genetic history of depression differs in people raised within their biological families in comparison to those raised outside of them.
  • Research the effectiveness of using laboratory rats for cognitive research in comparison to other species. How has the use of the various species affected out understanding of human psychology?
  • Research the neurological differences between a people who speak multiple languages versus monolingual people.
  • Research the neurological effects of art on humans.
  • Research the effectiveness in breaking addiction and curing negative emotional dispositions in people through psychedelic drug use.
  • Explore the long-term effects of cannabis in memory loss and cognitive impairment.
  • Compare multi-tasking abilities in people who use modern technology regularly in comparison to those who use it moderately or not at all.
  • Research the behavioral, neurological and emotional effects of people who regularly interact with nature versus people who have little to no interaction with nature.
  • Research the effectiveness of electro-shock therapy in causing long-term behavioral changes.
  • Compare the behavioral differences of people in polygamous relationships in comparison to people in monogamist relationships. Include a brief historical account of each throughout humankind.
  • Explore the behavioral effects of people exposed to one genre of music for extensive periods of time.
  • Compare the spatial abilities of a people with autism to those without.
  • Compare the behavioral differences in people who believe in fatalism versus those who believe in free will. Analyze their decision making processes.
  • Compare behavioral differences and productivity levels in a female-dominated work environment, a male-dominated work environment, and a work environment with equal men and women.