How To Complete An MBA Dissertation Properly: Great Writing Tips

To become a master of business administration, you should write and defend a dissertation. This is a difficult task that will take a lot of time and effort from you. However, if you organize your work properly, you’ll be able to succeed. Here are the main steps that you should take:

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. You should select a narrow business topic that will be interesting for you to research and informative for your audience to read about. To choose a proper direction for your study, you may look at papers written by other students in the previous years and consult your instructor.

  3. Do your research.
  4. Once your subject is chosen, you should start your investigation. Find proper literature and conduct relevant experiments to achieve your goals. You should regularly consult your instructor during your investigation or use professional help from this site.

  5. Outline your dissertation.
  6. You should have an approximate plan of what your paper should look like before you start writing. This is especially useful when your assignment guidelines include limitations related to the length of the paper.

  7. Write your draft.
  8. When all the preparations are made, you should start writing. Try to follow your outline. However, you may make some changes in the writing process if you think it’s necessary. The main parts of your paper should be the following:

    • Introduction.
    • Here, you should introduce your topic, list your overall objectives, state why you decided to choose this particular area of research, and indicate your contribution to the development of the field.

    • Literature review.
    • Write about the main works related to your topic and list a few schools of thought that influenced your study.

    • Methodology.
    • Describe the actions that you performed to achieve the goals of your research and state why you’ve decided to use these particular methods.

    • Results.
    • Present the findings of your work. First, include only the raw figures. Then, you may discuss the results and express your opinion about them.

    • Conclusion.
    • Summarize the main points of your study and state the importance of the work done. Propose the ways to continue your research in the future.

  9. Include other sections.
  10. When the main work is done, you should add such sections like the bibliography, appendices, abstract, and so on.

  11. Edit and format.
  12. Proofread your paper to find and eliminate mistakes and weak parts. Format your dissertation according to the requirements stated in your assignment guidelines. MBA papers are usually formatted in the APA style.