Finding A Great Dissertation Proposal Example In Tourism

Tourism is a major part of the economy for many places. When the fishing industry or traditional means of income become exhausted, the beaches and the beautiful flowers make a location a very attractive place for a vacation. The importance of tourism has made it a subject area for academic research. There are graduate students who are looking to get doctorates which specialize in tourism. A challenge is that there is not as much research done on tourism as on other topics such as finance or marketing. It can help to find an example of a dissertation proposal that centers on tourism. Here are a few possible places.

  • National Tourism Boards. It is in the best interests of a number of countries to promote awareness of tourism. The websites may have links to various examples of dissertations or scholarly articles.
  • Do An Internet Search. You can use Google or any of the other major search engines to find some examples. What you ought to do is be as specific as possible. You want to take a look at these examples and how the dissertation addresses various areas of research on tourism. It can be an element of island tourism or perhaps eco-tours.
  • The Departmental Library. It is common for earlier dissertations to be stored in the departmental library. You may be able to find a few examples just by checking the bookcases see what is there. You can ask the librarian and this person may be able to provide even better assistance.
  • The University Library. Don’t just stop at the department level, because the graduate program of the University may have copies of all dissertations. This again is a case where you should ask the librarian to provide you with some help.

Because tourism is such a small niche in the academic world, trying to find dissertation examples is not going to be easy. You may need some help in your search and I recommend this service for your consideration. The staff is experienced in creating examples, and they also have some for you to take a look at. Tourism is a very dynamic part of business administration and economics. It is becoming a means whereby countries turn away from industries that pollute the atmosphere, to a place where people can earn income without leaving a carbon footprint. This service can assist you as you develop your research on tourism. It is definitely worth the time.