What Is Necessary For A Good Dissertation Proposal On Physical Geography?

Do you know how to write a dissertation proposal paper? The main essence of this is to simply set the research question that you want to work on. This therefore, should not have the sections for the results because the person in charge has not yet gone to collect data in the field. If you do not have the experience yet, you should join millions of other students who are actively learning how to do this. Provided you want to compose it on Physical Geography, you have to know the following necessary things.

Identify your areas of interest and pick one topic

Before moving on, you need to identify some of the interesting topics that you can effectively explore on when you start working on your ideal paper. Once you have listed all these down, you can narrow down and decide on one particular topic to write own. This should be highly pertinent to Physical Geography. Avoid topics that are too extensive because you will encounter problems when it comes to data collections.

Literature review

One most important thing you need to keep in mind is getting information from various Physical Geography materials. Provided that it is reliable and winning, you can use it to develop your proposal irrespective of where you have obtained it. You basically need to know what others are saying regarding the same topic. The more materials you use, the more efficient your work will be.

Give your objectives

Since your topic might be too wide, you have to specify to the reader whet you will narrow down to. You should give a general objective and the specific ones that can vary in number depending on the writer. Purpose to choose realistic objectives that be achieved by the available methods. Do not consider those that might make you encounter challenges along the way.


In this type of writing, various methods that will be used to collect the information you are interested in should be put down. Moreover, you need to give your sampling methods that you will employ in the field, the sample size and the study population.


Your budget should be quite considerable such that, it should be reliable and achievable. Do not make a budget that will give you challenges to achieve the required capital. If it too high, you can simply rule out some of the things that might be less necessary.