List Of 20 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics About World Terrorism

Paying attention to the intensive outburst of terroristic activities all over the world today, the dissertation on the subject would be extremely topical. In order not to get lost in the overwhelming amount of hot issues, plenty of evidence and various approaches, it’s better to keep in mind some rules of choosing a topic for your survey.

Main Tips on Choosing Your Dissertation Topic Successfully

  • Your topic must be scientifically and practically significant.
  • Although the problem of terrorism itself is highly actual, it matters whether your research will be able to provide essential solutions.

  • You must be passionate about the subject you’ve chosen.
  • The more interest you have towards it, the easier and more effective the whole process would be.

  • A topic must be within your range of competence.
  • Don’t ever choose the one you will fail to manage. Let it be narrow enough to cover it comprehensively.

  • You should have strong a database for your research.
  • In case you hesitate if you will be able to collect the necessary data, better turn your attention to the other topics that lie within your reach.

  • Dissertation paper topic must be original.
  • Check in advance if somebody has performed the same survey before.

A chosen topic must absolutely correspond with your personal scientific interests. As soon as writing a dissertation is not just an assignment but an important step in your scientific career, this point is one of the most crucial ones.

20 Actual and Inspiring Ideas to Consider

  1. What motivates people to join ISIS?
  2. The danger of cyber sabotage in today’s world.
  3. Can patriotic moods enhance terrorism development?
  4. Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign terrorism.
  5. Study of world immigration changes caused by recent terror campaigns.
  6. Evaluation of counter-terrorism methods used in France during the terror attack.
  7. The efficiency of Twitter blocking in Turkey as an instrument against terrorism.
  8. The impact of politics in solving the terroristic problem.
  9. Illegal weapon and drug traffic and its impact on terrorism development.
  10. Do media influence the communication with terrorists much?
  11. Top strategies for homeland security under the threat of terrorism.
  12. State-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan.
  13. The role women play in terroristic organizations.
  14. The limits between religious freedom and terrorism.
  15. Clear international definition of terrorism – does it exist?
  16. Is ethnic-profiling an effective counter-terrorism method?
  17. Main transnational terroristic organizations of today.
  18. The influence of religious matters on terrorism.
  19. The probability of bioterrorism development.
  20. Psychological roots of terroristic motivations.