List Of 12 Topics For Your Dissertation About Movie Industry

Writing a dissertation about the movie industry can make for an excellent paper because most people like the recreational activity enough to stay focused on the task. Once you do the required research into the industry you can gather enough information to structure your paper because it is safe to assume that much of the information you may need is easily accessible.

Use the topics I have described in the following list to practice on because they cover a wide range of items pertaining to this popular recreational activity. Remember that there is a specific way in which you should use and document the information you received from your research because dissertations are not designed like other literary assignments. Please use this list as a stepping stone for your daily academic pursuits.

  1. What does the construction style, employed by the ancient Romans, say about the technology they used to construct these masterful creations?
  2. Why is it so hard to decipher the methods and technologies used by the ancient Egyptians, when they constructed the pyramids of Egypt?
  3. South American countries have revealed many pyramids, similar to the ones found in Africa. Does this means that both civilizations had access to similar tools?
  4. What would be the implications of finding an archaeological device, that is more advanced than anything we have ever created to this day?
  5. We use many technologies that were created centuries ago, if not longer. Does this imply the possibility that these devices were not developed by humans, but were, instead, given to us by a more advanced race?
  6. What does the discovery of ancient batteries say about the technological knowledge possessed by the ancient people it belonged to?
  7. Should ancient people be credited for their ability to develop the bow and arrow to such effectiveness?
  8. What significance did the development of aqueducts play in the agricultural practices of the ancient Greeks?
  9. How did ancient people come to discover materials like copper, iron and bronze, without any prior knowledge of chemical compounds or methods of extraction?
  10. Is it right to excavate burial grounds, for the sake of academic curiosity when it is highly unlikely that we would appreciate it if this were done to our graves?
  11. Cathedrals are monuments of our economic success, how are their purposes similar to that of the temples built by ancient civilizations?
  12. Are archaeological items worth the cost, effort and space required to preserve them properly?