What Makes A Good Dissertation Introduction- 5 Quick Tips

Did you know that the introduction of your dissertation is enough to make a committee approve or disapprove your research paper? Well, if you are planning to write one in the near future, stick with me for a few more minutes to get some quick tips you can always apply in your work.

Write clear and straightforward sentences with no jargon

If you want to capture the attention of your supervisor, make their work easier by writing a short, captivating and straightforward introduction. A dissertation is not a creative essay contest and as such, don’t try to make your words or sentences complex in any way. If you are stating the problem statement for example, write it in the shortest way possible but let it maintain its full meaning.

Make your introduction empirical

The introduction of your research paper, and most of chapter one should be filled with information backed by lots of proof. A dissertation introduction and a court proceeding maybe totally different, but they are very similar in their presentation. You can’t avoid citations and proof if you want to succeed in either of the two scenarios. You are also allowed to repeat one word severally if you want to emphasize something in your work.

Keep it short

Your dissertation maybe as long as 350 pages, but your introduction should be no more than one chapter. Include all the contents found in the introduction of your dissertation at the first chapter. State your hypothesis briefly, your primary research questions, theoretical framework, literature review and everything supposed to precede the research work in your introduction. Use short and clear sentences where possible, and don’t mention anything in your work if it does not add any meaningful ideas.

Use transition words to the maximum

The introduction of a research paper consists of several components. Use a lot of transition words to help create a good flow from one section of the introduction to the other. Also, vary your sentences accordingly to show cohesion between one parts of a paragraph to the other. Additionally, use the subheadings as you are supposed to.

Be original

There is nothing that would annoy a committee of professors than a dissertation full of plagiarized content. It is even worse if your introduction would sound copied as this would negatively impact on your overall score.