A Collection Of Outstanding Dissertation Topics For Marketing


Marketing business ideas involves communicating a brand, a service, or a product to potential customers or existing ones with the aim of persuading them to buy it. At the end of the semester, you will be required to write a thesis which can be a daunting task if you do not have a topic to write about. To ensure that you complete it successfully, you should pick an unusual and outstanding topic in the marketing industry. It is very easy to write a dissertation paper on a subject that you can comprehend and develop more ideas. You have to ensure that your title is more precise and understandable. Do not pick a broad topic. This might prove difficult for you especially when coming up significant research questions.

Here is a collection of some of the most outstanding headings for marketing for you to consider. You can check these ideas to come up with an ideal topic. Furthermore, you can modify the ideas to create unique topics or use exactly as it is written.

  1. Impacts of Marketo and LinkedIn as engagement tool in Business
  2. Ecommerce and the its dynamic in Urban consumers
  3. Importance of market data in marketing
  4. Analysis of effective Marketing mix
  5. How Facebook advertising has changed online marketing
  6. Efficiency and responsibility of Loyalty programs in business
  7. The next big thing in brand loyalty
  8. Effects of e-commerce on strong personal brands
  9. Analysis of the ethics in advertisement targeted toward children
  10. To what extent will advertising always be much behind modern communication technology and internet trends
  11. To what extent do customers feel that they have a social responsibility in tracking and having control over their carbon footprints


These are just some of the ideas you can start with. Most of them are deliberately too broad and should be applied to a particular locality or business for them to be more manageable. Once you have such outstanding titles, you can start working on a good dissertation proposal and present it to your professor. You will need the approval of your professor or instructor before you start writing. Ensure that you start by finding healthy sources to support your plans. If your topic fails to be approved, you can requests assistance from your professor on how to modify the topic. All you need to do is invoke your creativity to come up with a unique topic.