General Advice On Writing An Undergraduate Dissertation In History

As any other student, you want to be sure that your dissertation in history is perfect. You will have to work for a few months to complete this assignment and you can’t afford to do something wrong. Your professors are always waiting for you to come up with something new and innovative, and even more when it comes to this major project. Every once in a while you will feel discouraged, and this is completely ok; just follow these tips:

  • Don’t try to copy others. For sure you discussed with your colleagues about your dissertation a number of times. They have good ideas and they came up with amazing topics. As interested as you might be in what they wrote, you don’t have to try to copy their work. First of all, your professor will notice that you have similar compositions and he will think that you cheated. Second, it is not fair for you or anyone else. Come up with original ideas that represent you and your knowledge.
  • History does not have to be boring. Many students feel scared when they have to write about historical facts. There is a lot of information that you have to filter and a lot of dates that you need to memorize. What you don’t know is that this subject does not have to be boring. There are many interesting things that you can read about, and many ways to make research. Instead of spending your afternoons on the Internet reading about a certain topic, try to go and visit a museum or a memorial home. You will learn much more and it will be truly pleasant.
  • Too many references can make your composition dull. You want to prove that you made research and read a lot of books, but this does not mean that you have to build your project entirely on references. For the ones who did not read those books, this will be very boring. Besides, your professor will feel that you don’t have anything new to add so you just copy what other people said. Try to limit yourself to a few good books that are really relevant to the subject.
  • Bring pictures. You can’t always bring videos, especially if the event you are writing about took place a long time ago. However, you can bring a drawing or a documentary and watch it with your colleagues.