How To Find A Proofread Example Of A Postgraduate Dissertation On The Web: Vital Advice

For postgraduate students who don’t have a lot of experience writing dissertations, finding an example online can be a helpful tool for understanding what formatting conventions to utilize and the kind of tone you’ll need to aim for. But how can you effectively find an example online? Let’s take a look.

Use Search Engines Effectively

Google is probably going to be one of the first places you look. But like its cousin Bing, using any search engine effectively is key to finding exactly what you need. Use specific search terms. Most relevant results will be on the first two pages. Sometimes, though, being too specific can hurt you. For example, consider these two search terms: “proofread postgraduate dissertation example Harvard university” and “postgraduate dissertation examples”. The first term may not return with a lot of relevant websites- it’s too specific. The second one, however, will offer more opportunities for finding what you need. It’s general yet it’s specific enough that it will narrow down most results into something close to what you’ll need.

Consider Databases

But even better than using a search engine is using a data base to find even more relevant samples.

Many academic databases, which your school may have one of their own, often include links and viewable PDFs of both scholarly journals and dissertations/thesis samples. This can be one of your best and most credible sources for finding a dissertation to take a look at. Best of all, it’s easy to cite.

Consider Sources

But regardless of where you look, you’ll need to ask yourself a variety of questions.

For one, is the website credible? If a website ends with the domain ‘.edu’, this is one of your best bets as the domain ‘.edu’ indicates an educational website. But don’t let that be your only indicator of the source’s credibility.

Be wary of websites offering to sell you samples or the opportunity to ghostwrite your paper. These are often scams and should be avoided when possible. Also, hiring someone to ghostwrite your paper can be considered an academic violation.

Inquire at your school’s library or computer lab about any potential online resources. If your school doesn’t have its own database for finding scholarly resources, a librarian or technician should know of one you can use instead.

Regardless of where you look, the Internet is filled with dissertation samples you can use and reference.