Where To Look For An Undergraduate Dissertation Conclusion Example?

Writing an undergraduate dissertation does indeed become rather stressful. Everyone wishes their research to be perfect. The conclusion is a vital part of any paper. It needs to be perfect.

Functions of a conclusion

An undergraduate dissertation conclusion needs to be flawless because:

  • It is a complete overall assessment.
  • This assessment summarizes your findings.
  • It tells if you were able to fulfill your aims.
  • It also gives suggestions of what future researchers could incorporate.
  • You may also tell about the limitations that you experienced.

You can tell that a conclusion is something that is vital. It, therefore, is a good idea to look at examples of conclusions so that you can get an idea of what is expected from you.

Where to find examples of conclusions

  • Other dissertations
  • You can visit your library and see if previous research is present. This is a very good place to check for examples. You can view researches done by students at your own institution and see the format that they have used. You can also check out examples of conclusions by students from other institutions by visiting their libraries. This is effective as you can check from reliable sources and that from your own field.

  • Ask your supervisor
  • If you are working on your research with a supervisor, then you can ask them to provide you with examples of conclusions that other students have done. This is another reliable way for you to read conclusions and get an idea of what to do. Your supervisor will also most likely show you the best conclusions.

  • The internet
  • You can search the internet for examples of conclusions. Simply type into Google and you can get examples from various disciplines. You can check out different examples to see what is needed in the conclusion. You need to be alert of the sites that you look at. This is because the internet also has information that is fake. Therefore, it is better to consult reputable sites.

A conclusion is a vital part of any paper, therefore, it is necessary that you make your conclusion perfect. It is a good idea if you feel the need to look at conclusion examples as this will give you an idea of what to do. An important point to remember is to look for conclusion examples using reliable sources only. It is no use wasting time reading something that is rubbish.