Great Ideas For Creating A Doctoral Dissertation In Economics

Economists model economic problems, propose different approaches to the ‘real world’ issues, and analyze situations considering different perspectives, including social, geographical, institutional, and anthropological. If you’re working on your doctoral dissertation in economics, your field of research is very broad.

Keep in mind that most interesting studies include data collection and analysis. Some great doctoral dissertation ideas for creating a solid assignment are provided below. All of the topics can be applied to a specific industry or a region:

  1. Ideas related to economic geography.
    • Different approaches to business: the impact of local culture.
    • New entrepreneurial attitudes: the role of emigrants.
    • Rural areas vs. urban areas: differences in entrepreneurial behavior.
    • Regional innovation network development: the role of local business culture.
    • The world top-20 IT companies: where are they located and why?
  2. Topics related to economic sociology.
    • Innovation activities support: the role of social networking.
    • Creative industries productivity: the impact of cultural mix.
    • University networks: a contribution to entrepreneurial action.
    • Social capital: the ways to improve its quality.
    • Migration policy: impact on social capital.
  3. Topics on institutional economics.
    • The effect of habits and routines on productivity: a case study of (an industry).
    • Business and bureaucracy: productivity issues.
    • Economic development and transaction costs in (a country).
    • Educational aspects of entrepreneurship: evidence from (a region).
    • Latent entrepreneurship: a comparison of the U.S. and Germany.
  4. Topics on microeconomics.
    • Key trends in consumption behavior in the U.S. over the last 20 years.
    • Opportunities for (a country) competition policy.
    • The impact of the EU regional policy on small and medium German enterprises.
    • The food market in (a country): a microeconomic approach.
    • How does size affect companies’ profits in the European Union?
  5. Regional development research ideas.
    • The relationship between a company’s profit and regional development.
    • Regional development and economic negative externalities.
    • Location theory approach: understanding regional development.
    • Private investment and regional output: evidence from Central and Eastern Europe.
    • Regional aspects of small and medium businesses development in the U.S.

You might also consider topics related to economics of employment, finance, and macroeconomics. However, you should develop an interesting topic and ensure that you have enough materials to reveal it effectively. After you’ve conducted your initial research, it’s advisable to visit your professor and get your chosen idea approved. You can also ask about what resources you can use, where to get a paper template, and what formatting nuances you need to bear in mind.