Preparing For A Dissertation Defence: What To Wear

The defence of your dissertation is the final hoop to jump. Once you have finished your research, it's time to buy coursework online and complete writing. Then, the defense of the research paper is the remaining job. There are students who get nervous while defending their dissertations. But in most cases, if the committee approves you to defend your dissertation, then they will approve your work too.

What to wear?

The important question that you have in your mind before going to an event is what to wear. Each occasion demands different dress codes. The outfit you wear while you go to a party can’t be wear at a church. Likewise the dress you choose for an outing can’t be used when you go to attend a funeral. A student who wishes to prepare a research paper will never be disappointed if he selects this topic, as there are plenty of sources for the research and enough resources too.

Tips for surviving dissertation defence

Each project is different, committee is different therefore each defence should be different. Still, there are some things every student can work on, to produce a good defence.

  • Always remember the fact that, your committee wants you to succeed in your defending. They may ask hard questions, but they will never ask unanswerable questions.
  • When you defend your research paper, remember the fact that you are the one who selected this topic, you are the one who surveyed about the topic and finally you are the one who wrote it. Literally, you have been living with this project for a long time. Remind yourself, that there is nothing that you are not aware of in this project.
  • When the committee asks you a question and you are not sure about the answer, don’t be nervous and wander into a topic that you are not prepared. If you don’t know the answer, wait for the next question.
  • When you summarize your project, never make it complicated. Keep it simple. Just explain what you did.
  • You can engage the questions from the committee by answering them something which stands closer to the question.
  • Always remember that there is no shaming in admitting you don’t know how to answer the question.
  • You will be an expert in the area of your thesis, but you may not know everything. If the committee asks something outside your thesis area, admit that you are not familiar with whatever new topic has come up.
  • Never be tensed when your presentation approaches. Worrying won’t do good. Always stand cool and confident.