What Is The Length Of A Dissertation Proposal: A Brief Manual For Students

There is no specified limit for the length of a dissertation proposal, but it is always about 10-15 pages. While writing a short proposal can create the feeling of lack of adherence to instructions on all aspects needed, a very long proposal is, in some cases, characterized by repetitions that make the work not interesting to read. An important issue of concern is the number of words for each section.

Make sure to adhere to the following to deal with the issue of the number of words for the dissertation proposal. The paper should, regardless of the length, achieve the following.

  1. Objectives: The paper should be long enough to define every parameters needed for the project. These parameters include the research methods, objectives and the literature. It should also provide adequate narration needed in applying for a fellowships and/or a grant.
  2. 2-3 pages summary of significance: The student will be required to write a description of the importance of doing the research. Make sure to highlight the questions on which to focus in the main paper.
  3. 6-10 pages literature review: This features a discussion of literature related to the research topic and comes from researches carried out by other experts on a previous date. It shows how your research diverts from or is similar to common interpretations.
  4. 3-6 pages methodology: In this case, the author dwells into discussing the sources of data and methods of collecting such data for the project. For instance, the primary methods, visual methods and secondary data can be considered. The temptation is always trying to make this as short as possible when writing a dissertation proposal, yet it is the section that guides on what must practically be done. It also reveals the resources needed, amount of work and time to carry out each specific task to complete the project.
  5. 1 page for research time table. 1 page for dissertation proposal outline and 1 page for research sources. The outline lists the various core sections and subsections of the paper. The timetable is an indication of when and where each of the tasks required to complete the research shall be done.

In many cases, the instructions specify the number of pages or number of words for the dissertation proposal. If there are no such specifications, students must seek to accomplish the above in their dissertation proposal. How long the paper is, will be determined by whether or not the writer has accomplished those things. In addition, it is determined by how well information is relayed in each of the sections.