The Top 20 Best Dissertation Titles In US History

If you are taking up a history subject or history as a course, you may be asked from time to time to hand in a paper on US history. There are some teachers that allow you the freedom to choose your history dissertation topics and the context within which you can write them, but then again there are also those teachers who will expect you to work within particular guidelines that they have set. For this reason therefore, herein are some titles that you can use for your paper. In the event that you are not able to use either of them, there is also a good chance that you can learn from their structure how to come up with your own.

  1. Democracy and property in transition: Land and the politics of redistribution in the US
  2. The revival of the Cold War in the Middle East and the role that the US has played in it, with the remaking of the American Foreign Policy
  3. Moral culpability and the impact that it had on the sensational criminal prosecutions in New York City
  4. The American influence on slave trade, Indian labor and 17th century mercantile processes
  5. Discuss the role of the District of Columbia in slavery and emancipation before the Federal Rule
  6. Discuss the ties that the US had with the poisoning accusations in old day Europe
  7. Discuss some of the lessons that the US borrowed from the evolution of German Atlanticism in 1945
  8. Discuss the businesses of tourism, pleasure and vacations and their impact on medieval American economy
  9. Explain the timeline of the culture of urbanization in the US between 1880 and 1910
  10. With inference to the years 1915 to 1950 discuss the mobilization of the rural youth in America
  11. Significant milestones have been made in medical care in the US. Discuss some of the noteworthy milestones between 1910 and 1960
  12. Discuss the problems of the working class housing situation between 1840 and 1926
  13. Discuss the impact of English Protestantism to the US during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I
  14. Explain the lessons borrowed from the French formal gardening in the 17th century by the US
  15. Discuss some of the factors responsible for population growth and movement between 1801 and 1914
  16. Explain the importance of urban migration centers between 1700 and 1800
  17. Discuss the political theatre attendance in 18th century America
  18. Analyze the census returns between 1850 and 1900, discussing the changing face of the country alongside this
  19. Discuss the historical injustices that have led up to the current situation in Baltimore
  20. Discuss the role of the US in the foreign occupation of Africa