How To Find Winning Dissertation Topics In Marketing

There are many angles that you can take when writing a dissertation based on marketing. For example, you may wish to look at how a company chooses to market its products or, alternatively, you may also wish to look at how consumers are influenced by marketing.

As well as the various angles that you can take, there are also numerous topics to choose from. Furthermore, you can often use a particular style of essay to write about individual topics; for example, you could use an argumentative essay to describe why a particular marketing technique is unethical or, alternatively, you could use an informative essay style to show how successful or unsuccessful it was, or you can even use a compare and contrast style of essay to examine a particular marketing technique in relation to another.

Look for ideas based on what students have written about in the past

To help give you some extra ideas of what to base your own dissertation on you can look at what students have written about in the past. There are numerous websites offering academic work either for free or for a charge, and these can be found relatively easily using any major search engine.

Look for marketing articles and reports for inspiration, as well as academic papers

Forever extra inspiration it can be a good idea to read marketing articles and reports, either in mainstream media or in business related publications.

Think about what you will need to do to complete the work and whether that will be achievable

Finally, before settling on a topic that you wish to base your dissertation on, you need to consider what the aims of the paper will be and whether or not they are achievable, including whether or not any research methods will be suitable, ethical and affordable.

  • How can companies exploit social media for direct marketing purposes?
  • How will technology shape the future of marketing?
  • How successful are email campaigns when it comes to marketing?
  • An analysis of a failed marketing campaign
  • An in depth study of what makes a marketing campaign successful
  • The pitfalls to look out for when designing a marketing campaign
  • How much should companies think about spending on marketing campaigns?
  • An analysis of a low-cost but highly effective marketing campaign
  • How has marketing changed between the 1950s and the present day
  • An analysis of how marketing is vital for companies that produce homogenous products