A List Of Fifteen Great Law Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

If making a choice of topic for your law undergraduate dissertation is completely weighing you down, be rest assured that you are not alone in this. A lot of other people before you have had the same issue. This is as a result of the fact that there are lots of topics you may have treated in the class but sitting down to make a list of these topics is usually not an easy task to accomplish. Whether you are specialized in criminal law, company law, commercial law, employment law, tort law, constitutional law, intellectual property law, EU law, family law or even administrative law, there are lots of interesting topics to choose from.

In making a choice of topic for your law undergraduate dissertation, it is important to go for a topic that interests you most in your area of specialization. Listed below are a few topics to give an idea of what your paper title should look like. They are as follows:

  • The Law on Provocation: Impact of the Government’s Proposal on Amendments
  • Investigation and Evidence: Complaints in the Criminal Justice System As a Case Study
  • War On Terror: Analysing its Impact on International Criminal Law
  • Criminal Activities: Problems Inhibiting Identification of Their Nature, Scope and Circulation
  • An Analysis of the Boundaries Between the Crime of Rape and Consent
  • Critical Analysis of the Concept of Crime: What Morality Has to do With Criminal Law
  • The Law of Omissions: A Critical Analysis
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Principles of English Commercial Contracts and International Commercial Contracts
  • A Critical Analysis of Character and Capacity Conception of Culpability
  • International Commercial Arbitration System: A Critical Analysis
  • The Impact of Corporate Legal Regimes Transplantation on Corporate Governance
  • Analysis of Feasible Remedies to Unfair Prejudices As Related to Minority Shareholders’ Rights
  • Stakeholder Theory: Analysis of Arguments Against and For the Theory
  • Corporate Manslaughter: A Critical Analysis
  • A Critical Analysis of Corporate Rescue and the UK Insolvency Law

These are just a few of the ideas and topics for your law undergraduate dissertation. Be mindful of the fact that your chosen topic and research should be very specific, that is if you don’t want to start your work afresh after submitting to your supervisor. If your research and writing is too broad, there is the tendency to derail from the title of your project. Have fun creating a compelling and informative dissertation.